Как сделать активное фото 360 на айфоне

Как сделать активное фото 360 на айфоне

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The Commodore 64 was launched in and from the very first moment it took over the 8-bit home computers market, becoming the top selling computer of all times with over 30 million units sold; way beyond its competitors; Atari, Sinclair, Texas Instruments, IBM and Apple. For those of you who grew up in the 80s enjoying the good old Commodore 64 days and miss the games of the most popular computer of all times, here you can download for free the tools you need to emulate the great C in your modern PC as well as of its top games; like Maniac Mansion, Defender of the Crown, Bubble Bobble, Giana Sisters, Wonder Boy, Karateka, Kung Fu Master, Barbarian, Winter Games, Ghostbusters etc.

This huge downloadable file includes classic Commodore 64 games. Once uncompressed in you computer, the games can be foundin the C64 Games folder.

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Below is a list of all the games included. First there is a list with the top games with a short description and an image of each and after that list there is another one with the other games, giving a total of I included also a list with the links of other downloadable emulators including the Vice official site. But the idea of this article is to download at once all the games together with the most popular emulator so as you can enjoy, after a few minutes of waiting, playing with your favorite Commodore 64 games.

Download classic C64 games from here.

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There is also an excellent and quick Commodore 64 Vice Emulator tutorial here. An excellent Commodore 64 emulator. This one is the best Commodore emulator available. CCS v1. CCS V3.

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The newest version of CCS for Windows offers multiplay over the Internet, increased compatability and more resolutions. In this adventure you play with three characters Dave the main characters and two of his friends, who must be selected from a list of pals.

Fred Edison.

Как сделать активное фото 360 на айфоне

After Armakuni destroyed the plans of his arch rival, the evil shogun Kunitoki, at Lin Fen and in New York City in the previous two games of the series the latter managed to escape both time. In this final part of the trilogy our hero must destroy him once and for all with your help. It was created by Cinemaware, a company well known for the graphics quality of its games.

The graphics are literally cinematic and highly realistic for its time. There are remakes for other systems but no one of those versions can beat the original version created for the C The skills system can help achieve goals and get past obstacles. So these attributes can be used on activities other than combat.

For instance, high strength can be useful to break a heavy object, high levels of charisma may influence in a positive way how NPCs interact with the main character, etc. But removing an opposing piece is not that easy, as it cannot be removed just by reaching its square.

Способ 1. Передача видео по Wi-Fi через VLC

In order to remove it, the player must fight in a combat, that if taken place on a dark square gives a longer health bar to the dark monster-piece while if taken place on light square gives more power to the light monster-piece. Moreover the squares change color over time adding more points to the gameplay. Each player takes the role of an Adept a wizard with the ability to cast spells against the other Adepts and summonings.

The game is similar to the original, you must play it in a chess-like gameboard, with arcade elements. The gameboard also shifts from time to time, making the game more difficult and the gameplay level even higher.

The player takes the role of Commander Jameson. The game consists of traveling to different star systems, trading with their inhabitants, making money and gaining reputation.

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The player can also undertake military missions, asteroid mining, bounty hunting and even become a pirate in order to make more money. You can travel through eight galaxies and planets. Turrican is a platform shoot-em-up, where the player has to simply jump, shoot and explore all the time playing the role of Turrican ; who must save them by exploring 5 worlds and 13 levels of excellent gameplay.

This platform shoot-em up features a story where an evil robot called The Machine attacks the United Planets Ship Avalon 1, killing anyone who stumbles across its way. However Bren McGuire, manages to escape and get into the experimental Turrican bionic armor system. Your mission is to take the role of McGuire "The Turrican", and destroy the machine.

The graphics are similar to the other two games; there are some additional special effects like the transitions from light and dark areas, the inclusion of music as well as other elements that put this game almost at the same level of quality the previous official installments of the series.

This game, features levels made up of a single screen. The enemies of a level must be destroyed in order to go to the next one.

Как скачать фильм на iPhone и iPad через VLC

With one player controlling Bub and the other controlling Bob, the player can jump and collect items to gain more points. Bub and Bob have also the ability to blow bubbles which can be used as platforms to leap on, or to trap enemies.

If it takes too time to complete a single level Baron Von Blubba shows up, floating around the place trying to destroy your character. In this game you control a group of soldiers and cyborgs. You must buy weapons and armour with a predetermined amount of credits, according to the individual abilities of the squad. Laser Squad can be played by one or two players.

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  • You can also practice the events before playing them in a competition. The events include: Pole vault, Platform diving, 4x meter relay, meter dash, Gymnastics, Freestyle swimming, Skeet shooting, meter freestyle, and Rowing. As in the previous game the graphics are great; the music beautiful, including national anthems; and the gameplay very high.

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    You can practice them or play them in the competition mode. All of them can be practiced individually or played in competition mode. It features four hole courses, that can be combined in any form in a 4-round match. You can play against the computer or against up to 3 players 4 players in total. It features three skill levels Novice, Amateur and Professional with different difficulty levels in each one.

    It includes real courses like St. Andrews, as well as fictional ones like The Gauntlet, which as the name suggests has been created to push the skills of the player to the maximum level.

    This is a platform action game combined with puzzle elements, resulting in the perfect combination of hours of entertainment.

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    It can be played outdoors as well as indoors and you can participate in single matches as well as in tournaments. You play the role of Rockford, and you must guide him through a maze-like monster infested cave, where he has to dig in search of diamonds. In each level the player must collect a certain number of diamonds to open the exit-door to the next level. The graphics feature a more futuristic ambience including an element called Metal Grafik, which gives a sci fi environment to the game.

    You can construct caves with the original elements boulders, butterflies, diamonds, fireflies, etc. This construction kit gives you the chance of designing caves of any difficulty level.

    The limit is your imagination. The story goes something like this; you are the ruler of a galaxy and new barren planets have been discovered in four barren dimensions located between your galaxy and another alien one.

    You must colonize thore planets, convert them into inhabitable and of course tax the population of those new planets in order to earn more money. It works in a similar way with games like Sims City; only that here the goal is to obtain the supremacy of the galaxy.

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  • Developed by Rainbow Arts, this classic arcade platform game features 32 levels, where Giana and Maria the two sisters have to fight monsters, huge spiders and lots of other creatures to find a magic diamond that makes it possible to return to their own world. They must collect stars by running over them or knocking the head on special boxes; with some of the boxes containing special items that give them the power to break bricks with their skulls, or shoot the monsters instead of jumping on them.

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    The Fuzzies loved to party but the demons who lived in the same land did not, so craftily the latter invited to Fuzzies to a party and then captured the guests. This game abandons the scrolling levels style of the previous one. It is made up of three islands and in the final level of each island but the third, he must transport Fuzzies from this island to the next. The music and sounds are great, the graphics stunning, the movements excellent and the gameplay very high. You control a prototype droid known as the Influence Device and the game begins when you get aboard the first ship, called the Paradroid.

    Your mission is to try to destroy all the droids on the fleet of eight ships.

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    When your power is low or your damage is high, you will need to transfer to another droid or risk losing your Influence Device. Developed in by Apex Computer Productions; this side-scrolling platform game makes you take the role of Mayhem, an unhappy dinosaur, as Monsterland is an unhappy place, due to a magic spell of a magic dinosaur. Your mission is to change it back, with the help of Theo Saurus, the apprentice responsible for Monsterland being the gloomy place it is now.

    In this game you must kill your enemies by jumping on them.

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  • There are 5 levels; each one of them is visited twice, once in a sad mode, and once in a happy mode. In the sad one, you must collect a certain amount of magic-dust bags, and then find the level-exit; while in the happy one, you must collect an amount of stars, and then find againg the level-exit, which by the way has changed its position. The options are many; you can play against the computer or against other player; but it also gives you the possibility of playing two players for the same team against the computer.

    It also gives you the possibility of playing in different tournaments. It includes statistics and the possibility of teams customization, selecting the colors of your team and even of the ball.

    You enter his world which is ruled by a feudal government, where peasants live hard, robbers are roaming the land and everybody must fight for their piece of liberty. You must help those who cannot fight the evil themselves.

    Как сделать активное фото 360 на айфоне

    However after the first level you find out what your real mission is. You must rescue a girl who has been kidnapped by some evil warriors. Usagi can be in normal mode or in fighting mode, and that depends on whether or not he is holding the sword. When in normal mode, he walks slowly, he can also make small jumps, and give or take money or bow.

    But when Usagi holds his sword he turns into fighting mode.

    Как скачать фильм на iPhone и iPad через VLC

    In fighting mode he can run faster and make bigger jumps; as well as performing two different attacks and one block movement. As with the other series it can be played by up to 8 players in different events. You can practice each event individually or participate in the competition mode.

    The graphics are excellent, the music brilliant representing the folk music of each country in which you compete, the gameplay very high and it has some particular addition, the humor; an element not so usual in sport games; since your player can live strange funny situations at least for you and not the sprite you play with if something goes wrong.

    This is the fifth of the Games series. As always it can be played by up to 8 players, but this time in events that are commonly practiced in California and nearby areas; not a bad idea, actually it is very clever one.