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 · Ремонт проводки на генераторе Suzuki GSX-R Мастерская OverMoto. Loading Unsubscribe from Мастерская OverMoto? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. Look at 1H. Grid on bitcoin chart TradingView. ENАвтор: EXCAVO. Simple Project Management Software for IT Teams Based on Agile Scrum Tools: To Do Lists and Time Tracking with Kanban Board, Roadmap Planning and Sprints with Backlog Etc.

Break your goals into an actionable plan. Visualize it into beautiful roadmaps that your team and stakeholders will love. Decide wisely on where to direct the limited resources. Use the Eisenhower matrix to correctly prioritize your tasks and filter the important from the urgent.

Drive significant results in a shorter time. Break down your project plan into individual tasks. Estimate them, assign to your colleagues and set due dates. Manage all your conversations, checklists, and files in one place. No more challenges to find the right chat story or file.

The main concern with swapping to the new software was familiarity. Because you can use Hygger like you use Trello, the transition was painless. So we had something that worked like Trello, with more features, for a better price, and with excellent customer support.

Hygger is simple, cost-effective, combines the most important features needed for software development. It saves us time while developing new features of our service.

The Backlog board. Then the time logs. And a Roadmap. We tried Trello, Bitrix, and so many different kinds of other project management tools. We trialed other PM tools before settling on Hygger, but we either found them overly complex and confusing or lacking in certain features. Hygger is a good balance of useful features and complex functionality with an intuitive interface.

Our team used various PM tools previously, such as Asana and Trello. We come upon Hygger and found it a clear and practical solution for our needs. The division of the project on different boards helps us to organize the work better.

We choose Hygger for its better structure and division. I like Hygger because it is really easy to use.

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  • Any user can start using it immediately with a very short learning curve. You can find in Hygger the main characteristics for agile methodologies like kanban and scrum.

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    Carlos M. Lots of useful features that cannot be found on other products, like WIP limits on the Kanban board, the value chart on the backlog and the integration with third-party applications.

    The support team can solve any problem, they are the best. Hygger offers lots of great features. Some of my favorites are swimlanes, time tracking, and scorecards. They have everything you need to manage in agile or even more complex approaches. The support team is also wonderful and always ready to help. Read more reviews on GetApp , Capterra or alternativeTo.

    Confirmation email was sent to. Do the work that matters, faster The project management tool with prioritization. Please check the email and try again. Kanban Board. Watch Hygger in action See how your team can structure work to turn all goals into workable plans.

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    Plan your projects Break your goals into an actionable plan. Find the balance between Important and Urgent Use the Eisenhower matrix to correctly prioritize your tasks and filter the important from the urgent.

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    Get things done Get to work Break down your project plan into individual tasks. Track your tasks on Kanban Boards See exactly what should be done and promptly detect the bottlenecks. Collaborate with ease around tasks Manage all your conversations, checklists, and files in one place.

    Watch Hygger in action

    Success stories Find out why these teams are in love with Hygger. Why did Hygger become a choice? Carmel, United States. What three main features are crucial for you? Cycle Renewable energy company. Columbia, Bogota.

    Do the work that matters, faster

    What are the three main features in Hygger? Digital Empire Digital marketing company. El Paso, Texas. Rockifi Ltd. Rock music fans community. StayActive Creators of wearable health device. Vigevano, Italy.

    What our customers are saying. Trusted by great teams worldwide For companies of any size and projects of any scale, Hygger drives high-perfoming teams all around the world. Integrate with Hygger. Discover one of the leading product management tools.

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